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Kelly M. Chicas, Immigration Attorney

If you are facing immigration issues, you understand how complicated and lengthy the process can be. Although some immigration processes can be handled without a lawyer, it is often in your best interests to hire an immigration attorney to help you navigate the paperwork, interviews, and other steps that are involved.

Kelly M. Chicas focuses on immigration law with The Law Office of Michael G. Matthews in Rock Hill, SC. She has extensive experience with all areas of immigration law, including naturalization, citizenship, deportation, visas, residency, and Green Cards.

Ms. Chicas is a member of the South Carolina Bar as well as the Ohio State Bar. She has been admitted to the Federal Immigration Court System and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She is fluent in Spanish and represents Spanish-speaking clients in court.

Ms. Chicas is committed to giving you compassionate legal representation for your immigration issues. Everyone at our practice, from our immigration attorney to our staff, will treat your case with professionalism and we’ll work hard to get the best outcome for you and your family.

Ms. Chicas welcomes new clients from York County, Lancaster County, and Chester County. Call The Law Office of Michael G. Matthews to make an appointment. Se habla español.


Our immigration attorney will help you determine the best route to U.S. citizenship for you. We can help you prepare for the citizenship test. Or, if naturalization is the best option, we will help you obtain the proof of citizenship you need.

Green Cards

Green Cards are a type of visa for immigrants to the U.S. that allow for permanent legal residence. We can help you obtain a Green Card through your employer, family members, or other alternatives. We will also advise you on any issues that are associated with Green Cards, such as travel and marriage.


Ms. Chicas can advise you if you are facing deportation due to violations of immigration or criminal law. Hiring an immigration attorney can make a difference in when you have to leave the U.S. — or whether you have to leave at all. Call our immigration attorney to learn more about your options if you are facing deportation.